The ADEPT Group

Tailored Business Solutions at the Intersection of Energy and the Environment

Our Goal

We’re here to help your business, your institution, and your community thrive… and to make sure we look after our planet in the process.
We’re also here to bring together others who want to do the same.

Our Specialties

ADEPT engages in projects focused on energy, air quality, water, and transportation that can help you achieve your goals while benefiting the environment. 

What Sets Us Apart

We are not formulaic  we are agile, and creative. We make things happen.

Our perspectives and interests are broad. We consider possibilities and build teams from around the world.

We partner with higher education institutions to develop and implement cutting edge research to address industry’s most pressing challenges.

How Do We Work?

We use a combination of in-house staff, a select group of consultants from industry and academia, and a vast network of collaborators developed over 40 years.

Management Consulting

  • Recognize untapped opportunities
  • Establish in new markets
  • Secure funding
  • Create partnerships and teams

Engineering and Technical Advisory Services

  • Technology development
  • Project management
  • Operational support