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Aquazole™ - Cleanest Emulsified Diesel in the World

Project Objective
California Air Resources Board (CARB) verification of the emission reduction properties of Aquazole™, developed by TOTAL S.A. (TOTAL), was issued on August 9th, 2002 (See Press Release). ADEPT has managed emissions and fuel composition testing to introduce Aquazole™ into the North American market and will continue to work with TOTAL for further testing, demonstrations and licensing efforts.

Technical Description
Aquazole™ is a break-through in diesel fuel technology - a new cost-effective, cleaner-burning fuel for diesel vehicles and equipment. Aquazole™'s; emissions test results qualify it as the cleanest emulsified diesel in the world with a 16% reduction in oxides of nitrogen (NOx) when compared to California diesel. NOx is the major contributor to smog formation in urban areas such as Los Angeles. Aquazole™ reduced particulate matter, a pollutant categorized by CARB to be a toxic air contaminant, by 60%.
Aquazole™ offers unique benefits over other alternative diesel fuels and emissions reducing technologies because it requires no modifications what-so-ever to existing diesel engines. Aquazole™ simply replaces the regular diesel used to fuel an engine. This is particularly important in California where CARB has adopted a Diesel Risk Reduction Plan, establishing goals to reducing emissions for in-use engines by 2010. Considering the long life of diesel engines, many older, more polluting engines will need to use technologies such as Aquazole™ to reduce emissions.

Aquazole™ has been used in fleets throughout Europe for more than five years. The Aquazole™ technology is now available in the United States and Canada. For more information please contact us or view the TOTAL website.

Duration: June 2001 - May 2006

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