Case Studies

With our mix of technical know-how, business experience, and creative thinking, ADEPT produces real world bottom-line solutions. We specialize in projects at the intersection of energy, environment, and economics. Below are just a few examples of how we help our clients.

Technology Transfer | Strategy Consulting | Project Management

ADEPT is working with a client to establish their high altitude wind power technologies in North America to be utilized in both electrical power generation and direct propulsion of ocean-going vessels. ADEPT is engaged to assist in demonstration projects, and to further develop and commercialize the technologies for the North American market. (Ongoing)

Technology Transfer | Technical Consulting | Strategy Consulting

ADEPT is engaged with European clients to integrate their drone-based technologies for various platforms to be used in applications such as high-accuracy rapid assessment of operational and equipment deficiencies in utility scale PV and wind turbines; and measurement of stack emissions for air quality regulatory enforcement, particularly in ocean-going vessels. (Ongoing)

Technical Project Management | R&D

Measurement of liquid levels inside pressure vessels generally requires measurement devices to be exposed to the potentially hazardous interior of the vessel and/or relies on the release of pressurized product to the environment.

ADEPT worked with its client to license existing technologies and managed R&D of novel, related methods in ultrasonic sensing to develop commercial devices that accurately and non-invasively measure the level of propane within tanks, resulting in minimized operational impact, improved safety, and the elimination of GHG emissions.

Strategy Consulting | Technical Consulting | Technology Development

A water-in-diesel emulsified fuel was developed by our client, a multinational oil company, to mitigate the emissions of specific pollutants from heavy duty diesel-powered vehicles.

ADEPT worked with our client to bring the product to the US, including technical assistance in the comprehensive testing and certification process by state regulators, R&D work on methods to measure fuel quality, and strategy consulting to become established and commercialize the product North America.

Strategy Consulting

Our client sought to bring their commercial gas sensor technologies to the North American market.

ADEPT understood the client’s technological advantages, assessed the competitive market, and helped to best position the client for entry into the market, where it has since become established and commercially successful.

Technology Transfer

Gas utility clients in Canada and the US were struggling with pipeline corrosion as a result of sub-optimal application of outdated cathodic protection methods.

ADEPT understood technologies being applied overseas, and worked with a European utility to license and bring these technologies and optimized methods to their North American gas utility counterparts, resulting in safer and more cost effective operations for its clients.

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