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California Environmental Protection Agency News Release

Stationary Source Technologies
- December 2006

"The California Air Resources Board (ARB) has selected 12 new proposals to receive this year's Innovative Clean Air Technology (ICAT) awards...of the 104 pre-proposals originally submitted for consideration..."
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NPGA Reports

Adept Group Survey Request
- June 2006

"You may be receiving a request from the Adept Group to participate in a survey of propane bobtail delivery vehicles used throughout the United States...NPGA is aware of this survey and endorses its distribution to the industry. If you received the survey, your participation in it is important to the industry’s efforts to reduce the frequency of the required hydrostatic testing of bobtails."
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ASTM Standardization News

Discuss Ultra-Low-Sulfur Fuel at December Meeting
- September 2003

"It is known that sulfur in mercaptans negatively impacts catalytic surfaces in post-treatment devices found downstream of IC engines (including turbines)," says Spataru. "Such post- treatment devices are critical to the global push to reduce emissions from a broad-range of IC devices."
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LP/Gas Magazine

Clean-burning hybrid power Shuttle bus among public transportation applications
- January 2003

"Advanced Vehicle Systems Inc. of Chattanooga, Tenn. also is achieving positive results with its propane-fueled, microturbine-equipped buses. 'This is a major breakthrough for the industry,' according to Alex Spataru, president of the ADEPT Group Inc., an engineering consulting firm based in Los Angeles."
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LP/Gas Magazine

Gauging dial performance levels, Sonic sensors may see boom as research continues on externally mounted gauges
- January 2003

"'So far we've made a couple dozen of the devices for testing purposes,' says Alex Spataru, the company's president. 'We wanted to make sure the technology we developed works, and that objective has been achieved. All of them have been tested in the lab and now we are putting them in the field.'"
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Fleets & Fuels

Oil and Water
- October 2002

"'The CARB verification letter marks the culmination of three years of intense dedicated work in France, California, and in Texas,' Adept says, stating that Aquazole cuts particulate emissions by some 60 percent."
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Butane-Propane News

Santa Clara BEEs Hit the Street
- January 2002

"The BEE buses are part of a Propane Education & Research Council-funded project to improve propane-powered microturbine performance headed by the ADEPT Group Inc. (Los Angeles). Capstone develops its microturbines but doesn't work on developing the fuel system, which means microturbine buyers have to work out such details, including troubleshooting problems. ADEPT has also looked at microturbine issues in Los Angeles and in Galveston, Texas."
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MHR Viandes

Is there a Future for Yellow Grease, Tallow as a Premium Diesel Fuel Blending Stock?
- April 2001

"AGTANE has been repeatedly shown to have cetane values of over 100, before blending, and have excellent physical and chemical characteristics that make it an ideal blending stock."
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Render Magazine

Is there a Future for Yellow Grease as a Fuel Additive?
- February 2001

"For the rendering industry, the production of AGTANE in sufficiently large quantities presents an effective means to help keep [Yellow Grease] prices from falling below a minimum threshold."
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Propane Vehicle Magazine

Waiting for the Bus - Transit Districts Cite Lack of Engine Availability and Industry Commitment for Delays
- August 1999

"Since much of the legislation guiding transit fuel operations is regional or state-specific, propane is bound to enjoy some success in the transit sector, [Alex Spataru, President of The ADEPT Group] says, if policies that encourage its use are addressed by the propane industry at the community level."
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