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ARB LP Gas Sampling & Residues Analysis:

The ADEPT Group, Inc. (ADEPT) is currently conducting a project for the California Air Ressources Board (ARB 05-415) to analyse the amount of heavy residues in LP Gas samples from over 60 sites throughout California. ADEPT is using the latest internationally recognized LP Gas residues analysis method.

Having worked with the U.S. LP Gas industry for the past two decades, ADEPT has gained extensive experience and understanding of the industry; and continually monitors relevant worldwide developments in LP Gas .

Along with its sister company, Adept Science & Technologies, LLC (ASCENT), ADEPT conducted three Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) co-funded projects relating to LP Gas quality / composition and identification of LP Gas residues found in fuel systems. Samples of LP Gas and system residues were examined to resolve operational problems that arose in a project to evaluate LP Gas in microturbine-powered hybrid electric vehicles (HEV). ADEPT collected samples and commissioned specific tests on heavy-ends in LP Gas and residues in fuel systems to identify the type and source of deposits that caused fuel system failures during the program.

As part of the project to remove heavy-ends contaminants from LP Gas, ADEPT has thoroughly evaluated several residues testing options and works closely with both the ASTM D02 committee in its development of a more reliable and accurate Test Method to replace ASTM 2158, and in the evaluation of prEN 15470:2006 (proposed as a replacement for EN-ISO 13757). ADEPT and the laboratory with which it works have considerable experience in LP Gas residues analysis; and are at the forefront of utilizing more advanced, environmentally friendly, significant, and accurate LP Gas residue analysis methods.

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