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ADEPT Project Reports

  • August 2003: Phase III Transit-Based LPG Microturbine Rapid Intervention Project Final Report
    (PDF - 449KB)

  • July 2003: Sonic Liquid Level Gauge Development & Demonstration Project Final Report
    (PDF - 427KB)

  • August 2002: Phase II Transit-Based LPG Microturbine Rapid-Intervention Project
    (PDF - 285KB)

  • November 2001: Transit-Based LPG Microturbine Rapid-Intervention Project
    (PDF - 30KB)

  • June 2000: LPG Fuel Blends Evaluation Project Presentation at the Windsor Workshop
    (PDF - 293KB)

  • May 2000: Survey to Assess Near-Term Demand for Heavy-Duty LPG Powered Trucks Final Report
    (PDF - 378KB)

  • February 2000: Final Report of California Air Resources Board (ARB) Liquefied Petroleum Gas Fuel Blends Evaluation Project
    (PDF - 46KB)

  • October 1999: Near-Term Demand Survey for Heavy-Duty LPG Powered Transit Buses Final Report
    (PDF - 440KB)

  • April 1999: Develop and Demonstrate Propane Medium Duty-Engine
    (PDF - 554KB)



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